What’s the Alternative to Health Insurance?

When it comes to health insurance, it can feel like you are trapped in a maze with no way out. You need quality medical care, but you want to find a way around the astronomical costs of many insurance policies. You also have to consider the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare that requires all Americans to have proof of health insurance in order to avoid penalties. You may be one of the millions of Americans that doesn’t qualify for an employer sponsored group health plan and have entered into the maze that is the health insurance marketplace. You may feel like you have no other options except pricey premiums, but there is an alternative to health insurance. It’s known as direct primary care.

Direct Primary Care is not a new concept, it has been around for years and is often referred to as concierge medicine.  Concierge medicine has been used by the the wealthy for years.  The concept is simple, your Doctor charges you a monthly membership fee and in return gives you access to primary care services in their office.  It is important to remember that direct primary care is not health insurance and works best when paired with a catastrophic health plan.

Understanding Direct Primary Care
Direct primary care could provide a more affordable alternative to health insurance. While traditional health insurance can also provides access to primary care benefits , direct primary care allows patients to go directly to the source for their care. The whole concept is based on working with primary care providers and skipping the middle man. Instead of paying an insurance company that then pays health care providers for your treatment, you will pay your doctor a monthly membership fee. If you currently have health insurance, you’re used to paying a monthly premium. Direct primary care membership fees are not health insurance premium. The membership simply gives you direct access to your primary care provider and the services they provide.

You Can Expect More Accessibility
When you work with your health care providers instead of an insurance company, it can open the doors to to a totally new kind of relationship.  Doctors who choose to participate in direct primary care like OnsiteMD open the door for better care. Some of the benefits include 24/7 access to your OnsiteMD physician through phone, text, email and video calls, no copays and access to discounts on diagnostic testing and pharmacy.

Expect Personalized Service
When your doctors are working directly with you to receive payments, it means less headaches, hassles, and paperwork. You’ll find that your health care providers will have more time to concentrate on you as a patient, rather than worry about billing. As you enter a relationship with a doctor who embraces direct primary care, you’ll be able to be a patient who returns for years to come, rather than get bounced around by your insurance company. Consider the possibilities that go hand in hand with direct primary care. It can mean more a better relationship with your healthcare provider and a healthier you.

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