What is Direct Primary Care and How Does it Work?

What is Direct Primary Care and How Does it Work?

The rising cost of healthcare and insurance premiums have forced budget-conscious consumers to seek out health insurance alternatives, like health care savings plans and health care memberships. OnsiteMD is a direct primary care clinic that offers memberships to individuals, families, and businesses for a modest monthly fee. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, OnsiteMD was founded by Dr. Howsen Kwan and Dr. Omar Durani, both practicing Texas physicians specializing in family medicine.

The Benefits of Choosing Direct Primary Care

Selecting a healthcare membership plan is beneficial to consumers in many ways, such as:

  • No co-pays for any reason and for any diagnosis
  • 24/7 high-tech access via call, text, or video to a physician
  • Unlimited medical procedures and medical chart access
  • Quality comprehensive care
  • Discounted fees for lab work, medications, and imaging
  • Urgent care sick visits
  • Annual wellness visits, including yearly influenza vaccinations
  • Chronic disease management
  • No signup or cancellation fees

Membership is affordable with no hidden fees, and are based on age at four levels:

Child (aged 0-18 years)= $39 per month with Parent membership*

Adult (aged 19-40 years)= $59 per month

Adult+ (aged 41-64 years)= $79 per month

Senior (aged 65 and up)= $99 per month

*A family membership discount of 10 percent is applied to the total monthly bill if four or more family members enroll in the program. *

Direct Primary Care vs. Traditional Care

Although having a high-deductible HSA is recommended prior to enrollment in OnsiteMD’s program, a patient without insurance is eligible to apply for membership. A direct care practice’s primary concern is for the patient and developing a long-term relationship of trust. Using personalized care eliminates the influence of insurance companies on treatment and gives the patients more power in decision-making regarding health issues. Also, simple problems can be handled directly without requiring an office visit, which means that Onsite MD saves time and money for both the physician and the patient.

Future Developments for OnsiteMD

The Dallas facility recently opened in late 2015, but plans are in progress for a second facility in Frisco, Texas in 2016. A Patient Portal is also under development as well. 

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