Why Your Weight Loss Plan Should Begin with a Visit to Your Doctor

Why Your Weight Loss Plan Should Begin with a Visit to Your Doctor

Can a Doctor Help Me Lose Weight?

Being overweight can have serious consequences on one’s health, and for most people, the best way to shed the weight is to make lifestyle changes under the guidance of a primary care doctor. Medical weight loss solutions often include changing one’s diet and increasing physical activity. Talking to a doctor about the best ways to adopt these changes is the most effective way to achieve weight loss success.

Before suggesting a weight loss program, your physician will assess your current weight relative to his or her height, talk about a goal weight, discuss the ways losing weight may improve a patient’s health and recommend the best ways to make a change.

Talking About Weight

Patients should openly discuss their weight loss history, goals and challenges with their doctors. Before adopting any diet or exercise program, they should ask if they are healthy enough to diet, how much weight they should lose, how their weight affects their health, how their medical history may affect their weight loss goals and if they are healthy enough for physical activity. Based on the answers to these questions a patient and his or her doctor can create the right weight loss plan.

Recommending Dietary Changes

Adopting a medical weight loss diet is often one of the primary solutions suggested by a weight loss doctor. Recommendations may include increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in one’s diet, choosing lean proteins, avoiding processed foods, limiting sugar and consuming healthy fats. A doctor may also advise limiting consumption to a certain number of calories per day, cutting out alcohol and focusing on portion control.

Increasing Physical Activity

Exercise is an important component of any medical weight loss program. In addition to adopting a medical weight loss diet, patients may need to increase their daily activity, including both cardio and weight training. A doctor may also recommend the best physical activities for a patient’s current level of fitness, interests and strengths.

Setting and Reaching Goals

Medical weight loss solutions take time, but doctors will monitor their patients’ progress and set goals for them to reach along the way. Being held accountable for goals and progress is a key factor for proven results. There is no time like the present, if you would like to speak with a primary care physician Onsite-MD is available 24/7. Contact us today 844-ONSITE-5!

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