Concussions In Children – Know The Signs!

Concussions In Children – Know The Signs!

At some point your child will hit his or her head…it’s inevitable. Concussions in children may be harder to identify because youngsters often find it difficult to describe why they don’t feel well. The responsibility rests on parents and caregivers to recognize key concussion symptoms when a child may have suffered a stout jolt to the head. This post will cover the critical concussion symptoms every parent should know.

What is a concussion?
Our brain floats in a tank of special fluid that bathes and protects it as we go about our sometimes rough and tumble lifestyle. We know this tank as a skull and the fluid is called cerebrospinal fluid. When a blow to the head occurs, the brain may shift in this fluid and bump the side of the skull. This can bruise the brain and interfere with normal brain function. When a concussion injury happens, unconsciousness will sometimes occur. Unconsciousness is a self preservation mechanism initiated by the brain. Keep in mind that concussions are frequently inflicted without loss of consciousness.

Concussion symptoms to watch for.
In this list of concussion symptoms, we will focus on concussions in children. If a child has sustained a blow to the head, be watchful for these symptoms to accompany the occurrence:

Unexplained changes in eating, sleeping, or play patterns
Trouble with loss of balance
Feeling excessively tired or cranky
Problems with vision or speech
Oversensitivity to light or noises
Onset of seizures
Trouble recognizing familiar places or people
Fluid draining from the ears or nose
Pupils that are of unequal size
An injury to the head may be caused by a fall, automobile accident, being struck on the head or even the child being shaken forcefully. Once a parent suspects that there may be a possible concussion, seeking medical help is essential. For parents located in the Dallas, TX, area, OnsiteMD can provide evaluation and expert care for children who have possibly experienced a concussion. OnsiteMD is a direct access clinic that provides affordable memberships which enable parents to bring a child in for an examination when life’s scrapes and bruises require extra attention. If you are interested in learning more about our services contact us today or follow our blog for updates on health industry news.

Has your child ever had a head injury, what symptoms did you notice? Let us know in the comments!

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