Adult Vaccinations | Do Adults Need Vaccines?

Adult Vaccinations | Do Adults Need Vaccines?

As adults we understand life is hectic and our to-do list seems never ending. Remembering to stay current on vaccinations can easily escape our thoughts. In fact, many adults believe only children need to be vaccinated, which is simply not the case. Adult vaccinations are necessary and an important part of your preventative health plan.  Just because you outgrow a shoe size doesn’t mean you no longer need to wear shoes… same with vaccines.

As we get older the decision to live a healthy lifestyle becomes crucial. Some of the vaccines you received as a child were not meant to last a lifetime. Over time the immunization becomes weak and eventually will require a boost, also known as a booster shot. This will re-expose your body to the antigen cell and restore the immunity back to protective levels.

The type of vaccines we may need varies person-to-person. Factors include, but are not limited to: age, occupation, types of travel, current health issues, and prior vaccines. You can inquire about necessary immunization and their potential health benefits from online research or from any qualified health care provider such as OnsiteMD.

Below are a few conditions for which your healthcare professional may suggest adult vaccinations:

1. Seasonal Influenza

Also known as the flu affects children and adults alike, immunization is recommended before or during peak flu season.

2. Pertussis

Also known as Whooping Cough. Highly recommended for all adults and pregnant women who have not yet received the TDaP immunization after the age of 18.

3. Tetanus

Commonly known to cause lock jaw, can be very serious and fatal. This vaccine should be administered every ten years and is included in the TDaP vaccine.

4. Shingles and Varicella

A viral disease characterized by a painful skin rash with blisters involving a limited area. Typically, this stems from the chickenpox virus as it reignites or reactivates many years later. Another reason you should consider the Varicella (Chicken Pox) vaccination. Please note it is recommended to consult a professional medical physician for a better understanding of which vaccinations are best suited for you.

Whether you’re traveling and need to know which immunizations are required for your destination country or you just want to stay up to date OnsiteMD can provide you with reliable healthcare and information. Do you have questions about adult or travel vaccines? We’re here t help! Contact OnsiteMD today!

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