How Health Wearables are improving your health

How Health Wearables are improving your health

Health Wearables | Changing Healthcare Through Technology

You’ve probably seen those simple, rubber bands around the wrists of twenty-somethings as they go about their day. These bands are fitness monitors or health wearables. In fact, this trend has grown exponentially over the past few years. People enjoy wearing the items because it gives them actual data about their daily health habits. Healthcare providers, including direct primary care clinic facilities, and insurers benefit greatly from this individualized attention afforded by health wearable devices.

Insurers Covering Wearable Purchases

Consumers are used to buying their own health wearable devices, but times are changing with insurers’ coverage rules. Health insurers are seeing the multiple benefits of wearables, and they want their customers to be wearing them. As a result, some insurers are covering the cost of these electronics. They understand that the investment will only help their customers stay on top of their health.

Broadening the Trend

Currently, young adults are the main purchasers of wearables. Health insurers want to change this trend by offering the devices through everyone’s main policies. Middle-aged adults and seniors can benefit greatly from these devices when they know that they’re covered under their insurance policy. In fact, some insurers are working directly with wearable companies in order to make specialized devices that are secure. The data can only be accessed by individual patients and their healthcare providers.

Physical and Financial Benefits

The physical benefits of wearables are too numerous to count, from reducing obesity to improving blood-pressure measurements. Insurers and corporations are also using this technology to encourage healthy habits with monetary benefits. When a person walks 10,000 steps in one day, they’ve met their daily health goal of walking 5 miles. They might receive a small, monetary benefit on their next paycheck as a result.

Insurers Seeing the Light

Insurers and corporations are always looking to reduce costs for healthcare workers and patients. By using wearables, patients are more involved in their health. They might seek out more salad bars instead of fast food. As everyone improves their health, medical costs will drop. Everyone will benefit from reduced policy costs and better daily lives.

People are more aware of their health than ever before. By working with a direct primary care clinic and diligently wearing their health wearables, people are slimming down and seeing the benefits of their efforts. In little time, the entire nation can have better health with lower insurance rates as a result.

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